Fab Five for ideation 2019

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At last!
It is our privilege and pleasure to present the five finalists for the 
ideation 2019 Student FashionTech Competition.

These students' garments were chosen based on utilization of technology as a design feature, construction, overall creativity, and use of Gerber Technology's AccuMark and YuniquePLM Applications.

This year's Fabulous Final Five are:
Alan Romo - Fashion Institute of Technology 
John E. Bell - Fashion Institute of Technology
Nichole Pearson - Fashion Institute of Technology
Roy Wexman - Savannah College of Art and Design
Taylor Byron - Fashion Institute of Technology

This fifth year saw the most creative and diverse assortment of student designers and the most entries we have yet received!. Everyone gave it 100%, and that dedication has not gone unnoticed. 
Please tune in to social media as we continue toward ideation 2019, including updates on our five student finalists!

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