Edge FX Thermal Print Head Noise Problem

Previously, due to the thermal printing quality problem, I replaced the thermal printing head with a new one.(Kyocera KST-301-12MPL8-GB)

Then the print quality improved. But after operating the machine with the new thermal printing head, a loud noise is heard from the machine during printing.

I thought it might be a mechanical problem first. I checked the movement of all axes. I didn't see any mechanical problems.

Then I removed the new head, replaced the old thermal head. I started the machine.
I noticed that there was no sound during printing.

I've found that the noise problem is in the new thermal printing head.I reinstalled the new printing thermal head on the  machine to verify. When I started the machine again, I heard the noise coming in the same way during printing.

Also I set the voltage on the power supply according to the resistance on the thermal head.(1312 ohm ~ 22 Volt )

What is the reason for this noise problem? How can I solve this problem? Is there any other calibration or adjustment I need to do?

Because of this noise problem, I don't run the machine with the new head right now. Because I'm afraid the new head will burn.

I'm waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


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