Notch trouble in AAMA DXF conversion

Hi all,
I've been unable to view notches when using AAMA DXF conversions. I tried every Export Option I can find. Interestingly when I try Standard DXF process (so Notch Table is greyed out) the notches are visible... I've tried using Export with *.Rul... I've tried angling the notches... I've tried changing notch info in PDS... all these and more didn't work. I'm wondering if the P-Notch Parameter table has anything to do with it but I've never modified this after 20 years of using Gerber...
I also run an Autocad system so I can view how the DXF conversion look. 
Please find attached images of:
-DCU Export page example image
-zoom in where notches should be on graded piece.
Please help if you can.
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  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Gerber Staff 💛
    It depends. If you are using AutoCAD that is Standard DXF and it will handle the notch data differently from ASTM notch data which becomes a system generated notch defined by notch depth, width etc.

    Are you receiving both types of dxf files? Open the file in question in Notepad and search on the word "unit" - if you have this in the file, search on "Author". ASTM files can import in notches and they will display ONLY when you have notches defined in the P-Notch Parameter table in AccuMark with a value.

    If you search in Notepad and do NOT see a "unit" then the file is ACAD dxf which is Standard DXF and DCU options can be used to scan geometry perimeter and convert the internal lines to system generated notches.
  • Hi Kathy, Thanks for your prompt reply. I am back in my work space tomorrow so I'll have a go then.
    Many thanks
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