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YuniquePLM v8.3 Release is now available!

Erica ClendeningErica Clendening Posts: 70 Gerber Staff 💛
edited July 2019 in YuniquePLM
We are pleased to announce the release of YuniquePLM v8.3.0.

This new release includes 30 new enhancements to the product and fixes a handful of out of the box issues that have been reported in v7 and v8. 
You can find a full copy of the release notes attached. 

Release Highlights:
  • Replace Login Image: The much requested feature is now here. YPLM Administrators have the ability to upload and replace the YuniquePLM login image with another file. Accessible within the Admin Folder > Settings > Login Image Page.

  • Unlinked Point of Measure Identifier:  The Style Measurements - POM area has been updated to include an unlinked icon while also highlighting editable POM fields.
  • POM Headings:  When creating a POM, users can define it as a ‘heading’ POM. This will allow a POM to not be editable on a measurement template or sheet, with the benefit of using it as a line break or section heading.
  • Style Sample Request Search New UI:  We have updated the Style Sample Request page to the new user interface, this includes additional views and search capabilities.

  • Bill of Materials & Colorway Excel Export:  Added the ability to export a BOM or Colorway to an excel file.

  • Material Supplier Active Flag:  Customers have the option to disable suppliers within the Material Request Supplier Header. If a disabled supplier is used on a Bill of Material, they will appear within the partner selection in red.

  • Limit Entity Attribute Value Field Min / Max Lengths:  We’ve added the ability to limit out of the box EAV field lengths where users can define the minimum and maximum text length.

  • Asynchronous Print Previews:  We have added the ability to generate page previews across YPLM asynchronously. When a print preview is generated, a desktop notification will alert the user when it’s ready to be viewed. We have also added a new Preview Reports page within the User Profile section of the application. This will show all print previews generated within the last 24 hours.

  • Long Text Tooltips:  Users working within an editable form, can now hover over fields containing long descriptions and view every word with a tooltip.

  • Line List New User Interface:  We have updated the Line List Image Palette Edit and Material Palette Edit pages to the new v8 user interface. 

Additional Release Details

Adobe Plugin - Design Suite + update is available now! 
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