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Attributes in YuniquePLM v8!

Erica ClendeningErica Clendening Posts: 70 Gerber Staff 💛
edited June 2019 in YuniquePLM
Users now have the ability to add Material attributes from their Material headers to the Bill of Material. This includes both customer created Entity Attribute Value fields and Out of the Box fields (both used on Material headers across the various material types created).

To add fields to a BOM, users should follow the regular process whereby they select edit, launching the view editor. 

To add EAV fields, users can access the + option to select fields. To access the OOTB material fields, they will need to select 'Material fields' from the overflow menu in the top right-hand corner. The process remains unchanged, whereby once users have selected the fields, they can add to other selected pages at the same time. Users will still have the ability to sort fields, etc once fields have been selected.

For example, I've added the field "material comments" as an EAV field to material type wovens.

I then apply the same steps as outlined above and select and add the same EAV field to add to my BOM.

TIP - We also have an app setting "StyleMaterialsReadFromLib". When enabled, this will auto update the BOM material record information once the material header is saved (within the material folder), bypassing the need to apply a batch update. If this setting is enabled, the fields added to the BOM (that also exist on the material) will not be editable. Updates made at the material level will auto-update down to the BOM, and there is no batch update function needed to update this information.



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