Gerber FX Beeping

405pldesigns405pldesigns Posts: 5
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I am having a bit of an issue... when turning on my FX, the printer will do the 2 beeps (normal) but then will beep multiple times without the display reading anything.  Any idea what I can do to work through this?

After looking at the log, it mentions Error 14, and that it "failed to get RFID reader version".  



  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Posts: 50 Gerber Staff 💛
    I would suggest contacting technical support. Sounds like you may need to check connections or get the RFID replaced. If you are within the United States the phone number is 800-828-5406
  • 405pldesigns405pldesigns Posts: 5
    Hey Rob, I actually ordered a new RFID after calling. I replaced it today, and it seems like the problem was actually a loose connection to the LCD screen(?). Don’t ask me how I got there... I started printing again and made it through quite a few prints before the cassette was no longer being recognized again. Could this be the photostatic sensors not recognizing that the cassette is entered?
  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Posts: 50 Gerber Staff 💛
     I would suggest you contact technical support. Perhaps discussing how you identified a loose connection at the LCD screen being a cause. 
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