PrasitKPrasitK Posts: 5
We are using version 8.5 but the customer sent us with the data version 10.
question is, can we operate data v.10 with v. 8.5? if not , how we can verify it?



  • MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 308 ✭✭✭
    If the data is of v8 Storage area then you can proceed it but if it is of v9 then I'm afraid you can't....
  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Posts: 569 Gerber Staff 💛
    The person who sent the version 9 (10) data has the ability to export models and pieces back to a v8 format.  In AccuMark explorer there is a function File\export v9 models and pieces to V8, this data would be exported back to a V8 storage area.  From there they can make a zip file to send you.  Only models and pieces can go backwards.

  • Sue CarrierSue Carrier Posts: 107 Gerber Staff 💛
    Please note that any new features that were added to the data in a newer version of software will not be able to be read or used in older version of software, and most likely  - will get removed or may even cause issues. Data is not directly backwards compatible.  

    We highly suggests to upgrade your software. Then you too can take advantage of all the new features and enhancements! 
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    Thanks for all answer . 
  • PrasitKPrasitK Posts: 5
    Dear All,

    we have a question : 
     If our customer sent us with the data of version 12 without convert to version 8.
    So, what will be and what we will found the problem?  

  • MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 308 ✭✭✭
    @PrasitK As @Sue Carrier Mentioned, You have no other choice but to Upgrade to a newer version. But, if this is only a one time Business, then i can help you with that. Just send me the patterns and I'll convert it for you... But if this is gonna be a routine, You must consider to upgrade to newest (or at-least newer ) version of AccuMark...

  • PrasitKPrasitK Posts: 5
    Its my routine work and we are looking for up date to new version.

    Thanks MuhammandOwais. 

  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 560 Gerber Staff 💛
    There are software versions and storage area format versions. Do not confuse the two! V9 and V8 storage area formats are used in AccuMark versions 9, 10, 11 and 12.
    The ONLY data that is backwards compatible by way of exporting through a conversion utility is the model and pieces-"Export V9 Model and Pieces to V8". This utility is available to you on AccuMark version 9 and higher, you do not need a service to convert the data. Also, AccuMark V7 storage data is read-only now. It cannot be used in V9 and higher.
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    @MuhammadOwais, we just sent you an email (to the email address you registered with) from our Community help desk. Please read the email and reply to me if you have any questions or concerns. 
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