Measure line Value copy paste

We would like to know in Accumark PDS can we can copy the values of the Measure line,  as this is required eg. when we copy the notch measure we can paste values to the sleeve armhole.. very important


  • Alison GillilandAlison Gilliland Gerber Staff 💛

    If you are looking to add notches at a specific distance there are two ways to accomplish this. 

    1. Reference Notches
    Reference notches use a set distance from a point to position itself. If any changes are made to the piece, the notch will always remain at that set distance from the point. There is also the option in User Input to Copy Distance from another reference point. So you can place the front armhole reference notch and then copy the distance for the Sleeve Cap reference notch.

    2. Notch --> Right Click Menu --> Distance from Point
    When placing a Standard Notch, use the right-click menu's 'Distance from Point'. This allows you to select a point and enter a measurement to place the notch. 

    Let us know if this answers your question. 
  • VasylVasyl ✭✭✭
    edited June 17
    here is more hard case.

    We’ve to match front’s notch to sleeve’s notch. Last one has original positions for each size. S2 isn’t constant.

    1.       We transform front’s notch to reference.

    2.       Open any measure chart (*.mct file) and recalculate matching as S1-S2-S3.

    3. Now we got for tangent grading front’s notch.

    4. But all values is measured from ref.notch. Because we've set grading method (Grade – SizeLine – Grade Parameters)  as Base-UpDown-Cumulative.

    5. And make tangent grade for front’s notch skip base column (12size).

    6. And final check

    PS: Don’t forget set grade method back to your prev.  :)

     Best r-ds, Vasyl.

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