Grade rule Editor

in the previous version the grade rule number used to stay in the same rule after saving, in the current version 12 once we add a new grade no. and save the position shifts back to start i.e. 0..   Due to this the any update rule table every time we need to scroll to end on the table to check.. this is bit of time consume.  Request to make to the same location where the grade rule was added..


  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Chandrakala:

    I understand why you would like to keep the last rule position after saving an update on your graded rule table, but there may be quite a few customers who prefer the opposite and like to go back to the start position so they can check and review over all of their grade points.  

    I suggest submitting your request via our Problem Enhancement Utility Report (PERU).  This way your request will be sent directly to our product engineers for their review and following.

    I hope this is clear and helpful.

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