Activity log for accumark

Is there anything that registers activities on Accumark? like deleting pieces, overwriting, creating and etc? 
As Pattern cutting team usually consists of several people, it would be very handy when things go wrong and needs to be investigated. 
I thought Activity log is the same thing, but seems like it is a plotter activity log. 

Anything that could help in such situations? 
Many thanks


  • Hi, We have seen your post and are in the process of getting an answer. Thanks!
  • Denise VannoyDenise Vannoy Gerber Staff 💛
    Activity Log is helpful but you can run reports, too.  There is an All Piece report that will report when pieces were created by date, time and user and when pieces were modified date, time and user.  Perhaps this report would be helpful.
    Go to AccuMark Explorer/select pieces to run report/All pieces
    You can also do this with models.
  • VasylVasyl ✭✭✭
    in such cases as you desribe i create own storage for every users. I mean SQL. And configure to let everybody readonly acces to any storage but full access to own.

  • Denise, piece report is not an option. As we know the model is not on it is place anymore, but we don't know whether it has been deleted or moved, and on which computer. 

    Vasyl, sounds like and option going forward. 

    Thanks again

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