enVision 375 Error

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        I am having an issue with my enVision 375 Plotter. It is giving me an error that I cannot find in the manual. It is giving the following error:

System Error 5
PWR Relay Stuck Open
Press F2

There is nothing I can think to do at this point but to contact support. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and could help me resolve without paying for a technician to come out and look at the machine. Thank you.


  • UPDATE: Upon returning to work this weekend, I proceeded to start the machine just to check it. Now, the LCD has nothing, and it appears the computer is not registering the device. It will definitely need to be serviced. I am going to make an educated guess and say that a board has failed.
  • Michael CookseyMichael Cooksey Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello @Steevo138, thanks for posting and apologies for the delay in replying. Let me try and track someone down to assist!
  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @Steevo138,
    I would check the AC fuse, instructions are in the owners manual. If the fuse is good then you will need to call Gerber service at 1-800-828-5406. Please have your Envision serial number available when calling.
  • Peggy StahlPeggy Stahl Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello Steevo138, With the power relay stuck open error I would first open base of machine and re-seat all your connection and clean out all the dust that may have collected on the boards. Pull the top board the control board and check the F1 fuse on the driver board. Question about the update; do you at least hear the fan or beeps when you turn unit on? 
  • Hello @Adam Foster ,
    I did check the fuses and they were fine.

    I pulled off the cutting board (term I am not sure about) to expose the boards inside. I am not certain where the F1 fuse is located. But I am happy to say, the problem is fixed. Turns out there was a loose ribbon cable. I firmly placed it back into position and everything is working fine.

    Thank you all for your help.
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