Tips to create Dev calender in Yunique PLM

How to create DEv calender in Yunique PLM

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  • Hi . 
    1. created a calendar in stage server How do i push it to live server .
    2. tips & shortcuts suggestion required in preparing calendar 
  • Carlina BriscusoCarlina Briscuso Gerber Staff 💛
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    @keshava_jockeyindia :smile:

    Unfortunately, data cannot be pushed from STG to PROD.  STG is usually used for testing new versions, training end users, and confirming business logic before implementing on PROD.  

    Suggest you build a "template dev calendar" and copy it for each division/season/year/styletype/category.  Then simply update the dates for the new calendar! :smile:

    Let me know if you have other questions!
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