AccuMark zipfile from SA9 to Lectra

Is it possible to send AccuMark zip files from Storage Area version 9 that can be opened in Lectra?


  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Margitaarset:

    MDL files are supported on import to AccuMark. You can export AccuMark models to Lectra using AAMA/ASTM format, that is the standard. This can be done from PDS or the Data Conversion Utility located in the AccuMark Explorer Process Ribbon Tab, identified as "DCU."  I hope this is clear and helpful.

  • @Jaye Brown, Yes this is clear and helpful. Just to clearify: There are no options to open AccuMark Zip files from Storage Area version 9 in any (new or old) Lectra version? I have customers sending AccuMark Zip files from AccuMark Storage Area version 8 - that opens fine in Lectra.
  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛
    Margitaarset...I'm afraid I'm not really understanding your question...what exactly do you mean when you say, "no options."  Are you reviewing to the export options located in the DCU?  Thanks for clarifying for me.
  • @Jaye Brown
    No, I am not refering to anything when writing "no options". 
    What I am asking is if Lectra in old or new version can import the AccuMark Zip files from SA9 (like Lectra can import AccuMark zip files from SA8)
  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛
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    If you are asking if Lectra can import AccuMark V9 storage area zip files same as AccuMark V8 storage areas, then the answer is yes.  I would just caution switching between V9 and V8 storage areas as files may become corrupted and there may be some issues as V8 storage areas do not have the same capabilities as V9 storages areas such as number of characters, defining bookmarks, and fabric/trim images in PDS/Easy Marking.  I hope this is clear and helpful.
  • Lectra Support says they cannot import the AccuMark zipfiles from SA9. 
    My AccuMark customer would like to take asvantage of the SA9 functions, but at the moment, Lectra support are stopping them from sending AccuMark Zip Files from SA9 (only DXF files are what they recommend). Do you have a document or writing in how to import the SA9 files (since there probably are some changes compared to SA8 zip files in the Lectra version or methode/function to import these)
  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛 I understand your question...and it relates back to my original answer.  You can import to Lectra using our DCU (Data Conversion Utility) tool.  This tool is located in AccuMark Explorer under the Process Ribbon Tab. 

    You can convert these files either as AAMA/ASTM or DXF files using V9 storage areas.  You will find documentation for using the DCU in AccuMark Explorer, Process Ribbon Tab. 

    There are two functions located under Data Conversion: 1.) The DCU and 2.) The DCU Manual.  You can also gain further instruction by using the "Help" menu. 

    Help is located under the file menu....just type, "Data Conversion Utility" and select the information you need.  Take a moment to review the information provided in either the "Help" resource and/or the DCU Manual.

    Of course, feel free to let us know if you have any specific questions right here in the Gerber Community.  I hope this is clear and helpful.
  • Yes, I know of the DCU tool, but I was curious of how to import original AccuMark Zipfiles SA9 in Lectra.
  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛

    My understanding is that Lectra has made it more difficult for similar software companies to directly interface with their software. 

    In addition, my understanding has always been that AccuMark Zip files were intended specifically to be imported and exported directly into AccuMark this was interesting news to read that our zip files would directly import to Lectra software especially given how different our software is...Lectra using variants and we using models.

    Have you reached out to Lectra side?
  • My customer have talked to Lectra, but they are not interested in helping out. They suggest to start importing DXF files, as Gerber is fully capable of, so this would have to be the solution when the customers start using SA9. Thank you for our conversation @Jaye Brown :-)
  • VasylVasyl ✭✭✭
    @margitaarset, you may downgrate data to V8 in AMExplorer and then send to lectra.
  • @Vasyl Yes, I know that downgrade is an option, but in this case it is easier to manage and send the DXF files.
  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello Margit!

    I understand from your original post that  you "have customers sending AccuMark Zip files from AccuMark Storage Area version 8 - that opens fine in Lectra". Have you asked the Lectra customer to inquire with Lectra on support of our V9 format?
    This question should be directed to Lectra. And, it would be good information to share with our AccuMark community!
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