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YuniquePLM v8.2 Release is now available!

Erica ClendeningErica Clendening Posts: 70 Gerber Staff 💛
We are pleased to announce the release of YuniquePLM v8.2.0.

This update is the first follow up release to our initial v8 launch last month. This new release includes over 20 new enhancements (8 via CFRs) to the product and fixes a handful of out of the box issues that have been reported in v7 and v8. 

Attached are the Full Release Notes for v8.2.0.

Release Highlights:
  • Wildcard Search - We have added a more robust way to use our search forms across the entire application. This allows you to use wildcard operations:
    (?)  will find single characters selections, Example: R?d will find Red, Y??k will return York
    (*)   will find unlimited number of characters, Example: R*d will find Red, Read, Road, etc
    ("")  will find exact search, Example: "Red" will only return Red 
  • Automatic Sharing of Material Attachments - A new setting that when enabled will automatically share any attachment available within a Material that is used within a Styles BOM on the Style Attachment Page. 
  • Edit Field Tool Tips - Within the new v8 UI, it might be hard to read some of the text that has been entered into an editable field. We have now included a tool tip that will display the full text when you hover over the field. 
  • Sample Request Asynchronous Printouts - When a user runs a Sample Request printout (predefined/on the fly) it will now generate asynchronously for the user in the background. The user will then get a notification once it's ready to be viewed. This will allow the user to continue working while the printout generates. 
  • Updated UI Buttons - We've further enhanced the panels/pages to make it easier for a user to see which page they are actively looking at/selected. 
  • Tech Pack Image Quality - We have included a new Admin Folder setting that customers can access to change the Image Resolution within their Tech Pack printouts. 

Additional Release Details

Adobe Plugin - We will have a new Design Suite + update available in the Adobe app store that is compatible with v8.2.  



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