Recalling a Deleted Style on YuniquePLM

I had duplicates of the same style however each one had a different season. In attempt to delete the duplicates, deleting one ended up deleting all of them. Is there any way to recall this deleted style, even if it brings back the duplicates I don't want?


  • Carlina BriscusoCarlina Briscuso Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @audreybil, this is an excellent question.  I'll double check with my team and will send you an email directly.

  • Christi EgelandChristi Egeland Gerber Staff 💛
    Unfortunately, there is not a way to "undo" a delete once it has taken place.  However, the system does prevent users from deleting data that is in use by other areas of the system, or partners.  For example colors that have been used to develop styles or materials can't be deleted.  Materials used on BOMs or with outstanding material requests can't be deleted.  And if a style has sample requests generated, users will not be able to delete it.  I hope this helps.
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