Model file Flips change when import DXF at V11

My original setting on Model Flips is -1 X1, then I exported to an AAMA and an ASTM.
when I import both back, you can see the Flips is change. did I do something wrong or I need to set anything?

There are not same problem found at AccuMark V9


  • Jaye BrownJaye Brown Gerber Staff 💛

    Does this also happen when export/import as a standard dxf file?  Did you receive any warning and/or error messages during the export/import process?  I duplicated as outlined in your jpeg, but did not receive the same results with ASTM export/import.  My model files did flips did not change.  I did see this issue with AAMA export/import files.  Thanks!

  • Kristin RitterKristin Ritter Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Sanede, thanks for the question. There are different formatting standards for both options. Please note that AAMA format does not support piece flips, so if you need to have that defined in export, ASTM would be the better export type. 

    The ASTM only supports a left/right flip. Prior to version AccuMark 12, the export used the Y value to accommodate any defined flipped.  We made a change in AccuMark version 12 to place the exported flip in the X as this is commonly the noted for the left/right for patterns. 
  • Hi, All,
    Thank for your answer, I didn't see the problem when I used v9, but now I have to do a lot of extra work before going to AccuNest. do you think are there any chance to solve this problems? please.

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