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  • Scissoring in the Plotter Settings controls the max width for plotting. Stacking is for narrow or short mini-markers or pieces to plot across the width. It is either set in Piece Plot (see check box for this option) or in PDS Preferences on the Plot…
  • Do you have Edge Spacing set in Plotter Settings? Is the correct Plotter Setting (Media) being used in your Marker Plot Processing form?
  • @DML Are you plotting from PDS? What is your character size set to for annotation? Please check your decimal placement.
    in Sp plotter Comment by Kathy_Valade May 2
  • @DML I would recommend that you change your Scissor to Max or Width. If it is on Even, it will split your paper width area in half.
    in Sp plotter Comment by Kathy_Valade May 2
  • There could be more than one apparel-CAD system that uses the .pds extension. You could open the file in notepad and look for an author. That may inform you which system it came from.
  • We do not import .pds and .mrk files. The files need to be exported to ASTM or Standard DXF from it's native CAD system first. Then the dxf files can be imported into AccuMark. The alternative would be to request the files be generated as DXF or HPG…
  • Hi Noma, I checked with Product Development. It is not possible to specifically define the location where pieces will be placed. Please submit this as an AccuNest enhancement using the Problem & Enhancement Report Utility.
  • @rahul It is defined in SQL Support which is in AM-Explorer Options for Configuration - SQL Support. The relational database setup is at the bottom of the form.
  • @Abhi_Irina AAMA .dxf is an older standard. The ASTM .dxf is the latest format that supports the most current data structure among apparel CAD systems.
  • @JERAMIREZ Run Check One Storage Area and View Refresh Storage Area. Does this display all your models again? Be sure you do not have a filter set at the top of AccuMark Explorer that does not include at least one asterisk *
  • @ksmc Change the intermediate to a grade point. If the line is split at this intersection you will end up with a graded endpoint (diamond symbol).
  • @liz_aerotechdesigns Your Digitizing Process Preferences may be damaged. Go to c:\userroot\devq\digitzer and delete the content in this folder. Restart the digitizer from Hardware Configuration as a local admin and then try again.
  • Yes, checking will often unlock an intermittent locked storage area. However, if it keeps happening, what are you doing differently? Do you work on a laptop, move the key from a network license in one location and then use a dongle/license when you …
  • Did you also delete the contents in C:\userroot\devq\digitzer Delete content and run Hardware Configuration one more time - just select "Apply" and "OK" on the Digitizer tab. Then, right click over the digitizer icon in the system tray, select Open…
  • First, you must be logged in as a local administrator in order to change Hardware Configuration. Open it and select the Digitizer tab. Select an open communications port from the drop down. If you receive errors, it may already be used by ano…
  • You're very welcome, Kumud!
  • The data is not shown in the locked state. Unlock and close AccuMark Explorer and reopen or run View - Refresh Storage Areas (Ctrl +F5). This will resync the storage areas and show you what is visible. Hope this helps!
  • When locked, you cannot "see" any of the content. That's the purpose of an intentional storage lock. Unlocking and running View-Refresh Storage Areas (ctrl key + F5 key) will also display the resynced storage areas and contents.
  • It you continually have issues with your storage area data after a Windows Update, please provide us with a sample storage area so we can take a look. This is unusual.
  • There are two boxes on the digitizer table in the lower right corner labeled as Application "1" and "2". If you don't see them, it may be an older digitizer before we supported switchboxes and the ability to switch between Silhouette and Digitizer …
  • It depends what formats your printer can print. You will need to check the specifications for this printer. In AccuMark, you can generate to DXF and HPGL. The set up is in Piece or Marker Plot Options when choosing to plot as a "DOS File" from Piece…
  • @Raselralf If you need license assistance please contact your local Gerber software support office or Headquarters Customer Solutions Center.
  • Yes acmkmgr.exe launches the background processes. If the configuration error 2 appears, acmkmgr.exe is probably not running and will not show up in Task Manager. It may either be stopped by a key interruption if it is not on the system when AccuMar…
  • You can also contact 360 to ask if they can make updates and exclude AM files And, check that there's no corporate policy that overrides local settings
  • Is this free software or designed for the home user ? We are finding that preloaded software that comes with Windows home editions are rarely sufficient, as in McAfee Livesafe. Uninstalling and replacing with W.Defender or a business version for ant…
  • With this security software, there may be the need to also make exceptions for individual programs to get the programs to run. Is it tracking certain patterns or heuristics? I see Vasyl tried making exceptions, however, in some programs like McAfee …
  • Try Vasyl's suggestion and save as a PDF in the Gerber program.
  • Hi @CherylEvennett, Data crashing may be related to the storage area. Can you run a report in AM-Explorer on the model/ pieces without it crashing? If it crashes outside PDS, it is a data issue. Run Check One Storage Area-verbose. If you are cras…
  • Depending on the type of plotter or wide format printer you are using, if it is configured using a windows device driver, your "page" size is usually determined in Printer Preferences for the driver you have installed.
  • You're welcome!