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PAD & Gerber .DXF compatability

Abhi_IrinaAbhi_Irina Posts: 6

Hey ALL!
Is there possibility to import into Garber an .DXF file of graded pattern that was graded in PAD and preserve the graded nest?

Having issues with that, and no experience.

Thank you for your help.


  • Kathy_ValadeKathy_Valade Posts: 33 mod

    Yes! AccuMark can import ASTM/AAMA .dxf files from any apparel CAD system that supports this format, including PAD. You can export the style/model as a graded nest or with a rule table (.rul file). Then, the files can be imported using the Data Conversion Utility or PDS

  • Abhi_IrinaAbhi_Irina Posts: 6

    What is the protocol for import in Data Conversion Utility?
    I am attempting to import using Data Conversion Utility choosing ASTM/AAMA (*.dxf) option and for some reason the graded nest is not showing up when I open the file in Pattern Design by going to: view/grade/show all sizes.
    I was hoping to extract different sizes from this file.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    I am on V8.3

  • torehavoldtorehavold Posts: 2

    is the data exported with a grade rule? or exported with graded nest? this can have impact to if you get in your grading or not. There have been a lot new features in the conversion tools sins 8.3, I will recommend you to upgrade too.

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