CutWorks Tip

dorsinidorsini Gerber Staff 💛
edited January 29 in Single-Ply Cutter (SPC)

A tip that is sometimes missed when starting a cut job in CutWorks on a DCS1500/2500 cutter is Material Alignment.

Once you press Cut Job at the cutter PC move to the Machine Keypad and press the F2 key. The screen at the cutter will prompt you to move to reference point 1. Jog the machine pointer to the edge of the material where you want to start cutting and press the enter key on the Keypad. The screen will then prompt you to jog to reference point 2, jog the machine pointer to the edge of the material at the far end of the table align the pointer to the same point on the material that you started at for your origin and press enter. The beam will jog back to the first reference point and the pieces will align to the edge of the material even if the material is not square to the edge of the machine. Press enter at the keypad again to start cutting the job.

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