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What does "to markers,to remove,to plies" mean in cut Plan Statistics

bickinbickin Posts: 5

Could you explain "to markers,to remove,to plies" in Cut Plan Statistic page?


Best Answers

  • cindyrodriguezcindyrodriguez Posts: 5
    Accepted Answer

    Hello Bickin,

    I have two of your answers out of the Three.. please see below.
    Bundles on Markers= sum of all bundles place in all markers

    Bundles on Plies= sum of all products to produce (Bundles Total in the Cut Plan Input grid)
    I will get back to you on " to remove" I have to double check on this.

    Thank you,
    -Cin R

  • cindyrodriguezcindyrodriguez Posts: 5
    Accepted Answer

    I have attached 2 images that illustrate what "to remove" means.

    Thank you.
    Cin R


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